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Chadwick Jumao-as Bio

Chadwick Jumao-as

Chadwick has been involved with the fitness industry off-and-on since he first was ACE certified as a personal trainer in 2000. After a very generalized experience of personal training, he began to realize the myriad aspects of specialization in the fitness industry. He then began a series of focuses in the field, starting with the mechanical aspects of proper lifting technique. He became obsessed with the practical application of Newtonian mechanics as it applies to lifting weights and translating that into a human body. He became particulalry enamored with Mark Rippetoe’s starting strength work. from there he began looking at the importance of stretching and flexibility, becoming well-versed in active isolated stretching: The Mattis technique. Chadwick managed to intern with Aaron Mattis at his clinic in Sarasota for 3 months in the early 2000’s. After realizing the importance of flexibility, he also became aware of the importance of mobility work in fitness, and studied the works of gray cook, Kelly Starrett, and Eric Cressey. During this time, Chadwick attended massage therapy school to see fitness through the lens of a greater sense of functional balance. His training style has been heavily nurtured by these influences and he trains himself the same way.

Chadwick believes nutrition is truly is more than 50% of the weight management battle. Knowing you cannot out-train a terrible diet, he began to learn about the benefits of intermittent fasting as detailed by Martin Berkham and John Romaniello. He then began a serious devotion to following a modified ketogenic diet as detailed by Dr. Dominic D’agostino, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery, and Dr. Jeff Voek. Chadwick currently has been following a modified ketogenic diet with exogenous ketone supplementation since April of 2016, and is quite overjoyed with the results in terms of energy, physical, mental, and emotional health. Chadwick can also be found on Instagram at the_keto_stoic.

He does not ask anything of his clients that he has not experimented on himself first, whether it be a workout modality, a nutritional plan, or a supplement. Rest assured, he has felt your pain. Since he is a stoic, he won’t show it.

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