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Lara Costa Bio

Lara Costa

Lara Costa, a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, has been an athlete all of her life! While her first love is running, she developed an appreciation for cross training while attending the University of Florida and as a cadet in Army ROTC. As a cadet, she competed as the only female on the school’s elite Ranger Challenge squad. Upon graduation and receiving her commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves, Lara continued her yoga practice to counterbalance the demands of long distance running. Although Lara had been running for quite some time, it wasn’t until 2012 when she ran a 50k trail race, her first ultra marathon. Since then, she has competed in various trail and ultra races, including running 100 miles in 25 hours and 24 minutes. When an ankle sprain derailed her running during the spring of 2016, she decided to train for a bikini body building competition, in which she placed fourth in the open division.

As Lara became more involved with weight lifting, she realized the population lifting weights was not as diverse as it could be. Realizing this made Lara decide to pursue personal training. Not only did her body transform with strength training, so did her running! This is why she believes that strength training is for everyone. All body types. All genders. All walks of life. Her goal is to share the virtues of strength in a body-positive and self-affirming way. Lara lives in North Port with her husband, two young children, and four rescue dogs.

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