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Meg Walder

Meg Walder holds an A.A. and an A.S. degree in Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology. She has been training for about 3 years and is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a personal trainer and is currently working on her second certificate under NASM and certificate in FRC.

With all of the gained knowledge and experience over the past years, Meg has found that corrective exercise, and taking a more conservative approach by working and training core strength, mobility, and flexibility are what get her clients to their most optimal physical self. Meg specifically focuses on these things and makes them number one for her clients to help them to better excel when lifting their bodies or weights properly. She trains on an individualized basis, keeping in mind not only what a client needs, but what will make it fun and keep them striving for new challenges.

Meg specializes in strength training and active isolated stretching for her clientele. She believes in bringing the wholesomeness of wellness to every one of her clients so they don’t just gain muscle strength but gain that full zest of life which creates more quality of life in all realms of Mind + Body. She likes to see her clients challenged but not defeated. She also emphasizes that not every day or week or month is going to be your best or most successful but she will always get you back on that band wagon if you fall of/get off track, along with helping you build up to every next step on this journey that only has goals and no destination, since fitness and wellness is truly a lifestyle.

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