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Merin Babich Bio

Merin Babich

Merin Babich arrived from New Zealand in 2016. Originally from New England, she has been an athlete for most of her life, competing internationally in both soccer and lacrosse. In 2014 she was inducted into the Hall-of Fame at her Alma Mater for her time as an NCAA athlete.

Merin has a degree in Sports Medicine with a focus in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Psychology. She holds multiple Personal Training certifications and has over a decade of training, both across the US and in New Zealand, under her belt. Her additional qualifications include: Corrective Exercise Specialist (realigning the body and reducing pain), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (supporting exercise with nutrition), and Behavior Change Specialist (psychological approach to forming life-long habits). Further, she holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, ultimately motivating her to become a published author. She released her first educational, yet hilarious, nutrition book (titled “How to Use Your Pie-Hole”) in 2016.

Merin specializes in nutrition, postural realignment/injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and lifestyle transformations. She has helped clients rid themselves of pain, run their first marathon, lose weight, improve their cholesterol and blood pressure, eliminate prescription drugs, and regain quality of life (among other achievements). In her spare time you’ll find her creating a new recipe, playing sports, or out enjoying nature with her husband and son.

Merin has an “anything is possible” attitude, and loves to show clients what they’re capable of; always with an all-natural approach. She recognizes that mental health is just as (or even more) important as physical health, and always connects with her clients to develop a relationship where both can be enhanced. Her motto is “health never stops,” and she believes that, to truly be fit and healthy, your lifestyle–as a whole–must radiate wellness. If you’re ready to become a healthier version of you, Merin can help you get there!

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