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Theresa Bartlett Bio

Theresa Bartlett

Theresa has decades of experience in the fitness industry. Over 30 years ago, Theresa was faced with the devastating diagnosis of cancer. Over many months, she endured the treatments that were needed to stop her disease from progressing. After receiving the great news that those treatments worked and the cancer was gone, Theresa made the commitment to herself that she would do everything possible to be in optimum health for disease prevention and her overall well-being. This is where her fitness journey began.

Theresa has seen MANY fitness fads come and go, but the truth she found all those years ago is still true today: Feed your body a wholesome and delicious variety foods and sweat using a combination of great cardio and weight training multiple times a week!

30+ years ago, Theresa began teaching fitness classes and then 15 years ago she became a Personal Trainer. She has trained men, women, teens and tweens. She has helped people attain great success in weight loss and strength gain! Each
person has their own goals: Some want to look great in their bathing suit, others want to have the strength and agility to play with their kids, grand kids or pets!

Theresa’s questions each client the following: “Can you save your own life? If you fell and were alone could you lift your own body weight to get up for help?” She says, “This isn’t an old person problem! We spend a great deal of time sitting for work, video games, TV, etc. That’s not making us stronger, but weaker!”

Theresa has helped so many folks to get stronger both in body AND mind. She recognizes that health is a much what you think as it is in your body. If you think you can do it, you CAN! If you think you can’t, you won’t!

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