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Damon Harper

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Damon Harper is a certified personal trainer & fitness coach with 15 years of experience. He has lived in Sarasota since 2004 and has been training and helping members of the community ever since. My philosophy is taking the real time to help others grow in the knowledge and fundamentals of fitness on all levels. I believe commitment and education is crucial for success and most importantly having fun and enjoying the process along the way. Damon is excited to join the Gym SRQ family and will try to help and accommodate all of our members!


Damon has the comprehensive and extensive training set forth by Nesta with all the educational requirements involved for athletes and individuals. Damon has the skills and past experience to help clients with not only physical change but also sports, life, and business. He uses his training and certifications to help people better their mind and body wellness. He has training in neuro linguistic programming, communication skills, and life integrative strategy.


• Certified Personal Trainer – World Instructor Training Schools
• Certified Total Body Flexibility Specialist – GMP Fitness
• Food Psychology Coach – Spencer Institute
• Certified Outdoor Fitness Trainer – NESTA
• Certified Mind Body Fitness Specialist – NESTA

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