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Aaron Thrift

Aaron Thrift brings a breath of fresh air to the world of personal training in Sarasota, Florida. Being only 19 years old, Aaron is certainly one of the younger faces seen in town and at Gym SRQ. As a student at the State College of Florida, he trains while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.

He believes in a strict and efficient, yet playful, training regimen for his students, and stands firmly by his belief that any goal is attainable with the proper mindset and personal trainer alongside the client.

Aside from assisting members in reaching their fitness goals, he embarks on his own endeavor once a year by competing in local bodybuilding competitions- having earned 1st place in two out of the three he has entered. His personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine is the accompanying ACSM Exercise is Medicine degree, allowing Aaron to bridge the gap between physicians and their clients and the world of exercise and personal training. Set up an appointment with Aaron today either online or in-person, and see if you’re ready to #LiftLikeThrift!

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