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Blanton Rowan

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Blanton Rowan joins us here at Gym SRQ from Northern Virginia. She has been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant for 12 years and is excited to share her vision of health and wellness with the Gym SRQ Members! Blanton is dedicated to fitness and nutrition not only for happy healthy living for herself, but for everyone that comes into her life. Her goal is to help find what a healthy lifestyle means for each client and enable them to incorporate their individual needs and goals into their life permanently.


Her clients have included everything from tri-athletes, bikini competitors, new moms, Parkinsonians and all of those in between! Nutrition is everything when it comes to living well and maximizing everything you do, in and out of the gym. One of Blanton’s specialties is helping clients clean up their lives through better eating. This can mean losing weight, discontinuing medications, simply fitting into jeans, gaining more energy, sleeping better and for the athletes out there, proper and purposeful nutrition gives you the edge to win!


• Master’s in Exercise Science – George Washington University
• Vocational Degree (Anatomy, Physiology, Strength and Conditioning) – National Personal Training Institute

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